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How to prepare your skin for a Spray Tan and keep that golden glow for longer.

Achieving a beautiful spray tan without streaks is simple when your skin is properly prepared for your treatment.

Here we look at our top tips pre and post your Spray Tan Appointment at Meraki.

When should you book your appointment?

We recommend booking your appointment (Spray Tan) two days before your big event or summer vacay. 2 days allow enough time for your new golden glow to settle and fully develop. It will also give you time to fix any mistakes / streaks that you may be unhappy with.

Do you need to wax or shave before?


If you prefer to wax, we suggest you do this ideally 48 hours before your appointment as this will allow enough time for the pores to close.


Shaving should be done ideally 12- 24 hours before your appointment. Shaving immediately prior to your appointment may result in skin irritation.

Before your appointment...

  1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! Exfoliation assists in the process of ensuring an even glow. Use an oil-free exfoliant or exfoliating mitt which will assist in making your tan tan last much longer as spray tan formulas stick best to dry and renewed skin.

  2. Generously moisturise the night before and leave this on overnight to avoid dry skin.

  3. Shower before your treatment to ensure that you wash off any body / cosmetic products such as moisturiser's, deodorant, perfume and make-up.

  4. Do you have nude nails? No problem. Although we do our best to protect your nails (hands and toes) during your spray tan, applying a light coat of polish the before your appointment will protect your nails from any possible discolouration from the tanning product used.

What to bring with you...

  1. Dark, loose fitting clothing. (Tight fitting clothing and underwear straight after your appointment can alter the results)

  2. Bring a hair tie or hair clip with you to your appointment to keep your hair off the back of your neck and shoulders.

  3. Slip Slops / Sandals that easy to put on and to take off without rubbing the tan off your feet.

After Treatment...

  1. Go braless (If possible) to avoid your bra straps run against the skin resulting in streaks and patches.

  2. Avoid sweating or getting wet

  3. Wait 8 -10 hours before having a shower. Shower with warm water and ensure the water runs clear before stepping out.

  4. Should you wish to keep your tan on overnight, their will be residue on your bedding - this comes off easily and will NOT stain. We do recommend showering as soon as you wake up in the morning to prevent your tan coming out too dark.

Prolonging your Spray Tan...

  1. Keep your skin generously moisturised. This is essential. Applying moisturiser immediately after your shower whilst your skin is still damp is the ideal way to lock in moisture.

  2. Continue to use sunscreen daily.

  3. Purchase a tan enhancer / extender

Keep in mind, your spray tan will always look darker than your finished result before you shower / wash it off. However, trust your instinct - should your tan look way too dark or darker than you would like, shower earlier.

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